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Marketing the tough stuff since 1998

Producing content and integrated programs to increase brand awareness in hard to reach markets,
build business relationships faster, and shorten the sales cycle for complex products and services.

MKTX: marketing communications excellence

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We create excitement around your brand’s message to motivate key audience members to identify themselves to you.

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We produce and deploy tactics that engage and educate prospects encouraging them to explore your product or service.

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We promote relationships that produce sales and assist in spreading your company’s message.

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Bob Patterson
MKTX President

Joe Santana
Creative Director

Andrea White
Account Manager

Internet Director

Account Manager

Janice Mayer
Staff Accountant

Our Latest Blog Posts

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    Lower Your Risk of Losing the Sale

    By Bob Patterson- In business-to-business selling (and buying), especially when technology products are involved, risk plays a large role. It’s not unusual for your prospect to be betting his or her business (or their job) in large part on your product or service’s ability to live up to your claims. Most of them don’t want to be left “out on a limb” by themselves if…

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    How to utilize your website to get leads

    By Andrea White It’s obvious that the reason people choose to create a website for their company is because they want people to be able to find and learn about them online. There are many elements of a website that can ensure your customers are getting the information they need, when they need it. It all starts with them being able to conveniently find you,…

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    Are your PR Plans Clear for Takeoff?

    By Bob Patterson As some of you may know, one of my passions is flying my own plane in the beautiful skies of the Pacific Northwest. The ocean, the mountains, the lush valleys and the high desert provide some beautiful vistas for the 100 mph private pilot in his Cessna Aerobat. What I enjoy the most is the freedom that flying in uncongested airspace offers….

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