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Marketing the tough stuff since 1998

Producing content and integrated programs to increase brand awareness in hard to reach markets,
build business relationships faster, and shorten the sales cycle for complex products and services.

MKTX: marketing communications excellence

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We create excitement around your brand’s message to motivate key audiences members to identify themselves you.

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We produce and deploy tactics that engage and educate prospects encouraging them to explore your product or service.

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We promote relationships that produce sales and assist in spreading your company’s message.

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Bob Patterson
MKTX President

Joe Santana
Creative Director

Angie Griffin
Account Manager

Andrea White
Account Manager

Internet Director

Account Manager

Janice Mayer
Staff Accountant

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • Need a compelling company vision? Create a cause to champion.

    By Bob Patterson- Earlier blogs have talked about establishing a message to use in engaging your audiences – potential customers and influencers such as members of the press.   We talked about establishing a vision and mission for your company that supports it.   But what if, after thinking about what the world would lose without your product or service, your vision is still cloudy? Maybe it’s…

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  • 5 Things to Remember (and Do) if you want to Get Published

    By Bob Patterson- We usually have a high hit rate in getting the magazine articles that we write published in print magazines or on a magazine’s website. That’s because the editors who decide what to publish are always in need of content to serve the interests of their readership. Know the media outlet and check the editorial calendar Make sure that the story that you…

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  • 4 Effective SEO Tips You Have Not Heard Of

    By Andrea White- Is SEO like a foreign language to you? Well, you’re not alone. Many people understand SEO (search engine optimization) to be something they know they need, but have no idea how to handle it. The most common things we hear about SEO from our clients is, “I want to rank higher on Google.” Sure, many pay for the top spot by using…

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