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Marketing the tough stuff since 1998

Producing content and integrated programs to increase brand awareness in hard to reach markets,
build business relationships faster, and shorten the sales cycle for complex products and services.

MKTX: marketing communications excellence

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We create excitement around your brand’s message to motivate key audiences members to identify themselves you.

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We produce and deploy tactics that engage and educate prospects encouraging them to explore your product or service.

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We promote relationships that produce sales and assist in spreading your company’s message.

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Bob Patterson
MKTX President

Joe Santana
Creative Director

Angie Griffin
Account Manager

Andrea White
Account Manager

Internet Director

Account Manager

Janice Mayer
Staff Accountant

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • So you’ve got a good marketing message? So what?

    Article By Bob Patterson- Too often marketers get caught up in enumerating the features of their product or service without giving due attention to the resulting benefits. There’s a Japanese problem-solving method that goes by different names but revolves around asking the question “Why?” at least five times as one gets to the real root of a problem. This technique requires the examiner to dig…

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  • How to get out of a content rut

    By Andrea White – Your company may be following all of the appropriate steps to provide relevant content to your audiences. You’re managing a company blog, social media sites, email marketing, and more. But, you’ve run out of things to say. It’s a very common problem. Refresh and recycle the content! Remember that article you published way back when? Turn it into a few blog…

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  • How to plan an event for your business

    By Andrea White I recently assisted a local yoga studio plan a grand opening event for their new location in Orenco Station. With only a few weeks to plan this event, MKTX got to work. There are many things to keep in mind to make sure the event gets the publicity it deserves. Make a plan Whatever the nature of your party is, many of…

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