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Creative Technology in Marketing

Ever increasingly, the new stars of ad agencies are the technologists who know how to work the cloud and analyze big data, manipulate search engine preferences, and leverage social media from the back office. Where is the creativity? It’s where it has always been, with the insights resulting from imagination and thinking ‘What if…”

Now marketing objectives resulting from exercises to define target audiences, identify their demographics, know their hot buttons, and investigate where they live, work, learn and play, are gaining in value using new technology tools in creative ways. The questions about target audience behavior that required a ‘best guess’ can be answered with confidence. Pieces of information that never had been measured are giving rise to new ideas. The risk of creative concepts which seemed off the wall is greatly reduced because it’s based on insights gained from analyzing the data.

The research data we relied on from samples and surveys and focus groups out of budget necessity and practicality are being replaced by real data, tons of it. That data is being aggregated, crunched and sliced and diced to bits, literally, by analysis algorithms delivered to the dashboards of agency technologists who are creative thinkers.

On the flip side of data analysis are all the new creative media outlets and playthings of new technology. Imagine showing your product’s attributes such as water-proof with a slow motion video that’s fun to watch. Search YouTube for “Slow Mo Guys Super Hydrophobic Liquid.” Some very creative content is being created and pushed out on Twitter, Vine, and Periscope linking to product information.

Our view of new technology is from the other side of the looking glass, from where clients’ technologies are created and emerge to change the way data is transported or energy is stored, how measurements are taken in remote locations or precise motion controlled.

We love being at this intersection of creative technology and creative communication.

Joe Santana

Joe is a playful conceptualizer whose insights and creative leadership have assisted dozens of Northwest high technology and industrial enterprises. He toured the country with theater companies in principal roles as a child actor, received a classic prep school education, and after a dual major in science and English at USF, operated a California cattle ranch for two years before returning to complete his education at UP and settling in Portland. Joe's experience includes four years at Tektronix as their first creative director and corporate advertising manager. He went on to hold creative director positions at ad agencies Santana & English, Ltd., The Technology Group/Advertising, EvansGroup, and B/E/S/T Advertising, where his creative campaigns helped sustain three years of 30% growth for Tek's $600 million color printer division prior to its purchase by Xerox. He joined MKTX in 1999. Every Friday he suits up with a bow-tie and drives his 1940 Packard convertible.